'Babylon': The Film Banned in America for Being Too Honest

Actor Brinsley Forde on the UK classic that gave black London a voice.
Noel Ransome
Noisey Raps

Welcome to the Future of the Black Eyed Peas: Noisey Raps

Join Will.I.Am and Taboo for a tour of Will’s new Future studios and go inside the world of artificial intelligence.
Noisey Staff
New music

Denzel Curry Releases "CLOUT COBAIN," Confirms 'TA13OO' Details

The Florida-born rapper's third LP will come out in three acts—'Light,' 'Grey,' and 'Dark'—between July 25 and July 27. JPEGMAFIA, GoldLink, and J.I.D will all feature.
Alex Robert Ross

Meet the Men Who Have a Fart Fetish

“He didn’t know I was near his butt cheeks to appreciate them, and his fart made my dreams come true.”
Richard Greenhill

This Woman Left TV to Become a Dominatrix to 'Blackmail' Rich Dudes

The money sure is better in the blackmail fetish industry.
Lidia Aparicio

People with Face Tats Explain Their Ink

There's a lot of baggage that comes with having a face tattoo—people may see you as a "freak," think you've been involved with some shady stuff, or assume you've been to prison. That's not always the case, though.
Juan Madrid

How One Man Ran the World's Only Menstruation Museum from His Basement

The sad tale of an aging bachelor, a massive collection of menstrual memorabilia, and the museum that may one day rise again.
Arielle Pardes

'Daniel's World' Examines Our Attitudes Toward Pedophilia

Veronika Lisková's new film explores the struggle for acceptance in a society that sees no difference between active offenders and those—like her subject—who are seeking help to never act on their desires.
Nell Frizzell

Why Is Incest Porn So Popular?

There's been an increase in the consumption of porn in which the actors pretend to be related, but is incest really what the fans want, or do they just crave something more outrageous than the last thing they saw?
Gareth May

Vietnam Can't Figure Out How to Deal With the Country's Appetite for Cat Meat

One smuggler recently got busted in Hanoi for transporting three tons of illegal felines that were bound for restaurants.
Mark Hay

Why Is Talking About Miscarriage Still Taboo?

I started to miscarry nine weeks into my pregnancy. After two weeks of bleeding, the baby was gone. Voicing my feelings helped me pull through.
Kate Merry
The Armpit of the Internet

Family4Love Is the Facebook of Incest

Click around and you’ll find groups devoted to “Wisconsin families that love each other,” a wealthy man with carnal intentions looking for a surrogate to carry his children, and a page devoted to confessions like “I love the smell of my husband’s cock...
Michelle Lhooq