Tahrir Square

    • 4.22.14

      When Will Young, Poor Egyptians Get a Chance to Live?

      Three years after the revolution broke out, little has changed for the majority of normal Egyptians. If you want to see some evidence of that, where the train tracks cross the dusty road into Cairo’s Ard el Lewa neighborhood isn’t a bad place to start.

    • 2.26.14

      Khalid Abdalla Has His Eye on Egypt

      I interviewed one of the stars of The Square at his apartment in Cairo. Outside, bomb blasts had just killed six people. The city was nearly deserted, save for small groups of pro-government demonstrators. Helicopters thumped low overhead.

    • 10.17.13

      'The Square' Shows the Rise and Fall of Egypt's Revolution

      A new documentary about the Egyptian revolution follows six Egyptians who share little in common other than a yearning for justice as they experience more joy, frustration, and terror than most of us will feel in a lifetime.

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    • 10.8.13

      Sweeping Unrest Under the Rug in Tahrir Square

      Last Wednesday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, more than a dozen landscapers watered freshly lain swatches of grass and hauled in brand-new potted plants. It was hard to imagine the days when the flames of righteous discontent were fanned by thousands of...

    • 8.26.13

      Activists Find No Place on Egypt's Streets

      In the heat of a Cairo summer, the battle lines have been drawn. In the tense standoff, Abdelazim Fahmy, better known as Zizo Abdo, finds no room on the street for revolutionaries like himself. I met with Zizo at a downtown Cairo café, where we were a...

    • 8.13.13

      The Place Women Go to Get Raped

      Yasmine’s story goes like this: Men enclosed a circle around her, ripped her clothes, beat her, dragged her through the streets, while penetrating her with their fingers and knives.