This Woman Killed Hundreds Of Elephants For Their Ivory. Cops Finally Caught Her.

Chinese criminal Yang Fenlan faces 15 years in prison for managing an organized group that poached endangered elephants
Edoardo Liotta

The Fight to Repatriate African Skulls in European Museum Collections

Africans have been calling for the return of ancestors’ remains for decades, and at least one Western leader is now listening.
Tari Ngangura
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Science Found The Ancient Dude Who Started Herpes

The herpes origin story is even more disturbing that you’d expect.
Wendy Syfret
The Tight Squeeze Issue

People and Pineapples Aboard the Oldest Functioning Passenger Ferry

The present reclaims the past on a German warship in Tanzania.
Amanda Sperber
the Earth Died Screaming Issue

The Ecotourism Industry Is Saving Tanzania’s Animals and Threatening Its Indigenous People

For more than a century, the Maasai have been corralled into smaller and smaller pieces of land in order to conserve the environment and precious animals—and to make room for deluxe suites and armies of tourists.
Jean Friedman-Rudovsky

Dozens of Pilot Whales Die Off the Coast of New Zealand

And more bad news from around the world.
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Zanzibar Has a Freddie Mercury Problem

The Queen frontman's birthplace, a semi-autonomous island off Tanzania, is happy to make money off his name, despite the country's entrenched homophobia.
Eleanor Ross

The Englishman Who Thrived in Bolivia's Cocaine Prison

Thomas McFadden's messy life story is going to be a Hollywood movie.
Jack Gilbert

Killings Continue at a Canadian-Owned Mine in Tanzania

In the past three years, 69 people have been killed and hundreds more have been severely injured by police at the North Mara Gold Mine. The police operate under an agreement with African Barrick Gold, a subsidiary of Canadian mining colossus Barrick...
Chris Oke

I Had a Scammer Tortured by Police in Tanzania

I reported the guy who sold me a fake bus ticket to the police, and I followed them to the station, but my perspective changed when I realized he was about to be brutally beaten.
Henry Wismayer

The UK Is Deporting Somali Refugees to Kenya and Tanzania

The usual story is: put yourself in the hands of human traffickers, risking your life to travel thousands of miles—only to find your plea for asylum falling on deaf ears. You're either detained indefinitely or put on the next flight back to wherever it...
Hussein Kesvani

The Fight to Stop Tanzanians Killing and Eating Albino People

In Tanzania, traditional healers and witch doctors have long considered the body parts of people with albinism as being essential to their magical recipes. These practitioners of muti—or "medicine murder"—believe that their recipes heal the sick and...
Leke Sanusi