The Future of Canadian Policing Is Turning Teachers Into Cops

Police in Canada’s capital are encouraging people to report ‘problematic behavior’ such as skipping school under a controversial policing model that’s been widely adopted across the country.
Nathan Munn

The Teacher Selling Strap-on Harnesses to Fund Inclusive Sex Ed Advocacy

Meet a trans educator on a mission to bring LGBTQ-friendly curriculums to rural Ontario.
Emily McCarty

Concordia Profs Drinking with Students Led to Sexual Misconduct: Report

“Truly shocking discovery!” tweets student who accused professor of abuse
Hilary Beaumont

I Doubled My Public School Teacher’s Salary in 10 Years

To finally be compensated not just in warm fuzzies but in an actual denomination that pays the bills is incredible.
She Picks Up Pennies
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Stephen Miller’s Old Teacher Suspended for Calling Him a ‘Loner’ Who Ate Glue

After saying he was a "strange dude" in third grade, the 72-year-old is on temporary "home assignment."
Drew Schwartz
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The Worst Part Of Doug Ford’s Sex Ed Snitch Line Is His Glaring Hypocrisy

Ford claims he wants to restore free speech on campuses, yet he’s gagging teachers from educating kids about consent.
Ashley Csanady
Sex Ed

Doug Ford wants parents to snitch on teachers who stick with 2015 sex ed curriculum

“If we find somebody failing to do their job, we will act,” Doug Ford declared this week.
Natalie Alcoba
Sex Ed

Revolt against Doug Ford’s sex ed regression grows

Groups consider going to court, while teachers plan to embed lessons in Shakespeare and The Handmaid’s Tale
Tamara Khandaker
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Florida Teacher Allegedly Drowned Raccoons in Class for a Bizarre Science Lesson

And one of his traumatized students seems to have filmed the whole thing.
Drew Schwartz
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Substitute Teacher Started 'Fight Club' to Befriend Teens, Cops Say

"The truth is I'm an idiot," the fired 23-year-old told police.
Drew Schwartz
parkland shooting

Teachers aren’t that worried about school shootings after Parkland, Gallup poll finds

Sixty-four percent of the teachers surveyed said they were either “not too worried.”
Alex Lubben
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A High School Teacher's Gun Went Off During a Gun Safety Lesson

And it wasn't even the only accidental shooting that happened at a school that day.
Drew Schwartz