This University Has a 'Cry Closet' for Stressed-Out Students

Helping college kids relieve their stress, one private sob at a time.


Dragon Ball’s Goku Gets His Power from Prog Rock, According to the Voice of Goku

“Rush lives in Goku.” - Sean Schemmel, Kakarot


'Fishtank,' Today's Comic by Berliac

A woman's plans for dinner get interrupted by a couple of huge fish.


Watch Bon Iver Perform Their New Track “8 (Circle)” on Jimmy Fallon

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'Weekday Afternoon Talkshow Lizard People,' Today's Comic by Stephen Maurice Graham

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We Talked to Men About the Last Time They Cried

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Sob with Us to Justin Bieber's New Tearjerker "I'll Show You"

"This life's not easy / I'm not made out of steel / Don't forget that I'm human / Don't forget that I'm real"


Letters Mourning the Loss of ChAvril, the Only Canadian Couple Worth Crying Over

Like the plastic flames adorning the side of a souped-up Honda Civic cruising down the Coquihalla, theirs was a love that shone ever so brightly.


Just in Time for Your Monday Morning Cry, Sufjan Stevens Releases a Song Called "Exploding Whale"

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American Exceptional

Kanye, Kimm and North West are all celebrating Easter—but what is going on inside Kanye's heart?


Oh Baby, Let's Stream Tobias Jesso Jr.'s 'Goon' a Week Before Its Release

The record is out March 17 via True Panther.


Premiere: Toronto's Lais Teams with Skizzy Mars to Lose Himself in the "Distance"

Toronto's best Redditor returns with Skizzy Mars on a song inspired by a crazy night in Montreal.