We Owe These Ten Black Actors One of Michael Che's 'Reparations Emmys'

Some of TV's most celebrated characters went strikingly under-acknowledged in their time.
Taylor Hosking
5 days ago

'American Vandal' Is the Only Show That Knows How Teens Use Social Media

The show cuts Gen-Z a break for being addicted to their phones.
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This Season of 'BoJack Horseman' Is the Show's Darkest Yet

Here's why you should tune in to season five of the critically-acclaimed Netflix series. Very light spoilers ahead.
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Netflix's 'Sabrina' Reboot Looks Freaky as Hell

As in literal Hell!
River Donaghey
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How Mac from 'Always Sunny' Got So Unbelievably Jacked

You can do it too—all it takes is infinite money and time!
River Donaghey

Gemma Collins on 'Celebrity Masterchef' Was High Art

“Gemma has made a chickpea, vegetable and coconut stew, flavoured with orange liquor, and on the side, a crab-filled mango, and mascarpone cheese topped with diced mango.”
Lauren O'Neill

‘Random Acts of Flyness’ Nails the Horror Show of My Black Mind

Why this HBO show is the most daring thing on TV right now.
Noel Ransome
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The New 'BoJack' Trailer Is One Long, Terrifying Hallucination

Why does Todd have a hand for a head?
River Donaghey
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Here's the 'Office' and 'Jack Ryan' Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

Jim and Dwight are back in the most ambitious cross-over event in history.
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Sacha Baron Cohen Got MAGA Trolls to Gangbang a Trump Dummy on TV

All in the name of fighting Antifa.
River Donaghey
Don’t Call It a recap

We Are All Cass From 'the Bachelor'

"The Bachelor" has always been obsessed with “authenticity”. But the only person being totally open and vulnerable is being destroyed.
Wendy Syfret
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The Gang Replaces Dennis with a Sex Doll in the New 'Always Sunny' Trailer

And holy hell, Mac is buff now.
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