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How to Make a Food Budget in College

Between studying and partying, it’s easy to forget to set money aside for food. Unless you wanna eat ramen and pizza rolls for the next four years, now’s a perfect time to learn how to budget.
Jubilee Baez
drunk soccer

Drunk Soccer is the Best Soccer

Drunk Soccer looks exactly like you'd imagine it would.
Sean Newell
Leslie's Diary Comics

Leslie Has an Unexpected Night Out in Today's Comic

"You'll pick me up? Pay for everything? Be outside in ten minutes."
Leslie Stein
we saw this

I Saw Journey and Santana in Mexico and Learned a Lesson About Life

"Black Magic Woman" segued right into "Oye como va", and, well, you can probably imagine how excited a Mexican audience was to be at a Santana concert."
Luke O'Neil

Coolio Told Us About the Racists Who Tried to Stop His Pornhub Music Video Shoot

After Coolio arrived at the set, the rapper says white neighbors called the cops because they wanted him out of their neighborhood.
Mitchell Sunderland

Update: Olmeca Tequila and THUMP are Sending You to Party in Paradise

We're giving away a trip to Mykonos, Greece to party with the likes of Arno Cost, John Martin and more at Night Assembly.

One of Our Writers Went on an All-Alcohol Diet for a Week

An all-alcohol diet that satisfies all of your daily nutritional needs is possible, but it's not fun to do and will make you shit blood. You won't even lose weight. So, don't do it.
Dave Schilling

I Lasted 14 Hours at Output's 24-Hour Techno Party

12:08PM: "I feel like I’m in that movie where James Franco cuts his own limb off."
Lori Trigonis

Fresh Mushroom Pappardelle and Sicilian Street Food

After filling up on wine and tequila, we woke up Matty and his friends Fabio and Michael and dragged them out to an Italian suburb of Toronto, where they foraged for mushrooms in the woods.
VICE Staff

Emma Hearst

Why do skinny women cook the most delicious fattening food? We saw it first with Christina Tosi and her bevy of beauties from Milk Bar, and now again at Sorella with Emma Hearst. Sorella serves some of the most decadent Italian food in New York, and...
VICE Staff