The Fiction Issue 2014


Enter a World of Mystery, Magic, and High Finance

On sale now: exciting new novels by Donald L. Brampthorne.


An Excerpt from Michel Gondry's New Screenplay, 'L’écume des jours' ('Mood Indigo')

Here are the first three pages of the screenplay for Michel Gondry's newest film, which will be released in the US later this year as Mood Indigo.


Fan Fiction

I lived in a basement beneath a French professor and his wife, who taught German at a dying school for girls. When Agnes visited, there was the sharp, joyous smell of new tires. That was the smell the blue vibrator released when cleaned.



Lately I have run into Troy everywhere. I spotted him at a Whole Foods squeezing summer fruits. I swayed next to him one boozy night at a Wilco concert on the beach. Often I attempt to catch his eye, but he never looks at me.


The Ransom of Samantha

The detective who showed up at 5 AM was not much older-looking than Samantha’s friends. (Not that Samantha ever hung out with clean-cut guys like this. Why should she when there were still heroin addicts in bands who needed a doormat?)


We’re Watching the Trees

Millie Anthony is 38. Middle of the night. Lying there in the still bedroom, looking toward the window. A man called Jeff lies beside her. “We’re watching the trees again,” she says.


Celebrity Novels, Reviewed

There are a ton of embarrassing books with famous names attached to them. We sampled a few to see whether they were really that bad and found that yes, they were.


How Do You Write a Joke?

Comedy isn’t as respected as other, more “literary” forms of writing, but it’s one of the most unforgiving. We talked to a few of these luminaries to ask them the toughest question in the world: How do you get people to laugh?


Bukowski’s Women

Photos by Sean Sullivan; creative direction and styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos.



Dorothy arrived at the party before her husband. After the movie, which had been a bore, Dale had dropped her off at the Hollywood Hotel and then driven home to pick up a different shirt.


King of the Wild Frontier

Simply, they were there to play golf. While they were at it, they might stick around to have a meal in the 50s-built white-brick clubhouse or, on a Sunday, to watch the NFL games on the TV in the carpeted area of the men’s locker room after they’d...


The Happi-Fork - New Fiction from the Author of 'Twenty Grand' and 'Other Tales of Love and Money'

Being present isn’t easy, especially since the death of my favorite client, the handsome banker Dirk Goldfinger, whose conviction for insider trading was last fall’s big news, and since I attended his wake this spring and subsequently, at a party for...