The Game That Made Me


‘Eternal Champions’ Is the Game That Quenched a Teenage Thirst for Gore

It was more messily slapstick than outright offensive, but Sega's fighter took a look at Mortal Kombat's fatalities and said: we can do better.
Mike Diver

How 'Doom 2' Helped Me Understand Technology

A trip to the computer store in search of financial software with my dad became a surprising way to learn about how computers work.
Patrick Klepek

Why VICE Gaming Is Now Waypoint

Waypoint Editor-in-Chief Austin Walker explains how 2012's 'Dragon's Dogma' helped to inspire the name of VICE's new gaming site.
Austin Walker

‘Jedi Academy’ Was the Game That Helped Me Come Out of the Closet

Telling a bunch of random internet nerds seemed the least perilous course of action, and with a handful of keystrokes, I was out.
Justin Mahboubian-Jones
VICE vs Video games

‘Persona 4’ Was the Game That Showed Me a Childhood Beyond My Muslim Household

The JRPG helped me face my own "shadow" and overcome my social obstacles.
Sayem Ahmed
VICE vs Video games

Admitting My Addiction to ‘Age of Empires III’ Saved Me from Depression

The story of how my gamer guilt transformed into a humbling lesson on being human.
John-Paul Stevenson
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‘The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age’ Was the Game That Strengthened an Epic Friendship

The 2004 Tolkien-inspired RPG will always have a place in the hearts of Paul Brenner and Joseph Morinelli of the band Joywave.
Paul Brenner and Joseph Morinelli
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‘Dark Souls’ Was the Game That Brought Back My Childhood Nightmares

From Software's hardcore adventure fucking hurts, and it never stops.
VICE vs Video games

‘International Track & Field’ Was the Game That Broke Me

Broken skin, mild RSI, and hallucinogenic dreams about obscure sports were the signs of a minor obsession.
Nick Hagan
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‘Resident Evil 2’ Is the Game That Proved Horror Didn’t Have to Be Humdrum

Capcom's 1998 title bursts with color and life and gameplay beats that don't quite work, but that just makes it the more enjoyable.
Ed Smith
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‘Quest for Glory’ Was the Game That Taught Me Patience

The "QFG" games still elicit a special, strange, internet 1.0 thrill in me, so I had to speak to its makers, Corey and Lori Ann Cole.
Giaco Furino
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‘Madden’ Is the Game That Introduced Me to My Favourite Sport

Football makes next to no sense to beginners, but the video games it inspires help to cut through the language barrier.
Matt Porter