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Ottawa May Finally Be Getting Serious About Regulating the Mining Industry

After being hit with harsh criticism for failing to fi​ll a pos​ition that was, designed to oversee Canada's misbehaving mining industry, the Harper government has finally re-launched its effort to bring the extractive sector in line.


New Documents Show That the Harper Government Is Panicked About Trans Rights

New documents obtained by VICE show that not only is the Harper government blocking a bill that would offer human rights protections to trans people, they're concerned about a "societal debate" on the issue.


The Harper Government Has Refused to Fill a Position to Oversee the Mining Industry

Nearly a year after a vacancy for a job overseeing Canada's mining industry began, the position remains open. Critics say the Harper government's willingness to drag its feet on appointing someone is indicative of the problems Canada faces when dealing...


The Federal Government Is Being Accused Of Muzzling Experts From Talking About Climate Change Again

The Harper government has allegedly added meteorologists to the list of government employees that are not allowed to say anything to the media about climate change. Now a former employee of Environment Canada says that's only part of the problem.


The Harper Government Is Thwarting a Bill Designed to Protect the Transgender Community from Hate Crimes

Bill C-279 is a bill that aims to add ‘gender identity’ as a protected group under the Human Rights Act, and add it as an identifiable group under the Criminal Code. But the bill is facing harsh opposition from the Harper government, leaving some of...


The RCMP’s Report on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Is Simply Not Enough

Despite a recent report from the RCMP imploring the Canadian government hold a national inquiry into the cases of at least 1,181 missing or murdered Aboriginal women drawing a fair amount of public outrage, the Harper government continues to dismiss...


Canada Is Ramping Up its Arms Exporting Trade

Earlier this year, the Harper government proudly announced the signing of a $10-13 billion deal that would send Canadian developed armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia, creating 3,000 Canadian jobs in the process. Is bolstering Canada's economic stability...


The RCMP Is Spending Nearly $100 Million to Spy on the Mohawks’ Black Market Tobacco Trade

Weeks after the Conservative government deemed a federal inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women too costly, they have allocated $91.7 million over five years for a surveillance program that seeks to stem the tide of the Mohawk-run...


Alberta’s Corporate Curriculum: Reading, Writing, and Bitumen

In Alberta's Ministry of Education's sweeping new rewrite of public school curriculum, the Ministry has included oil sands operators, tech giants, and textbook publishers among their key stakeholders, claiming their involvement will benefit children...


A Recent Blockade For Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Hasn't Swayed Stephen Harper

We went to the scene of a sizeable blockade in Belleville, Ontario last week to chat with the organizers of a protest designed to shake the Conservative government into action.


The Harper Government Wants to Regulate Bitcoin

For the very first time, the word "Bitcoin" has appeared in the federal budget under the heading of strengthening anti-terror financing. This has led to a flurry of speculation as to what the government plans to do with the new fangled cryptocurrency...


The Harper Government Insists it’s Legal to Collect Metadata

CSEC's defense of its metadata collection program is steeped in confusing, government doublespeak.