The holocaust


The Prisoners Who Told the World About the Holocaust

A new exhibition at London's Wiener Library tells the story of the men and women who snuck evidence out of concentration camps, enlightening the public and ruling powers across the world.


Why Was an Artist Allowed to Film Naked Tag Inside a Nazi Gas Chamber?

Jewish groups are asking the Polish president to condemn Artur Żmijewski's art film after discovering it was shot at a former concentration camp in Poland.


Portraits of Europe's Remaining Holocaust Survivors

"My cousin, aunt and uncle were all murdered.​ I didn't deserve to survive. I didn't deserve to be so fortunate."


Welcome to Auschwitz

My first death camp and I feel like I’m doing it wrong.


Please Keep Your Hands and Feet Inside the Camp at All Times

At the start of a 14-day Holocaust tour, I meet my fellow tourists over kielbasa and light conversation.


A Tour of Hell, from Hell: A Letter from the Editor

A two-week bus tour exploring humanity's worst atrocities.


The Museum of Hell

At Auschwitz I realize that without the stench, without mud, this isn't hell. This is the Museum of Hell.


On the Road to Warsaw

My first full day of a two-week Holocaust tour and already I'm buying into racial stereotypes.


Fascism Is Still in the Building

By the time I get to Dachau on day 11, I feel like going to death camps is my job.


Greetings from Auschwitz: A Book About Postcards from the Worst Holiday Ever

One of the last living Auschwitz guards is to go on trial soon so we spoke to Paweł Szypulski, curator of a harrowing book about concentration camp postcards.


In Defense of Taking Selfies in Depressing Places

Selfies can give meaning to lives where none previously existed—validating some and giving the rest something to make them feel superior.


This College Conservative Pissed off the Internet. You'll Easily Guess What Happened Next

How Tal Fortgang, his privilege, and his Holocaust-surviving grandparents went viral.