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Hoola Knows What it Takes to Run Shambhala

The Living Room stage director shares behind-the-scenes details on Canada's largest electronic music festival.
Hollie McGowan
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Art Department's New Music Video Is A Love Affair of Darkness and Light

A track off their sophomore album 'Natural Selection' has been given the video treatment.
THUMP Canada Staff
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Bud Light Sensation Toronto Brought Out The Wild In Us All

Our video recap proves that the Bud Light Sensation experience is more than just music.
THUMP Canada Staff
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Explore Bud Light Sensation with Bingo Players

Get acquainted with the fifth and final artist set to perform at Rogers Centre on November 29.
Jesse Champagne
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Explore Bud Light Sensation with Mr. White

Canada's favourite wintertime event is just around the corner, let us acquaint you with Mr. White.
Jesse Champagne
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THUMP’s Definitive Guide to Breakthrough Canadian Producers

We've singled out eight of Canada's top producers for you to soak up in time for winter.
THUMP Canada Staff
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A-Trak Remains the Ace of Scratch and Spin

We spoke to the Canadian turntablist legend about his devotion to the unification of hip-hop and electronic music.
Rachael D’Amore
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A Peek Into the Wild: Bud Light Sensation

We travelled to Amsterdam to experience the spectacle headed to Toronto this November.
THUMP Canada Staff
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Relive Bud Light Digital Dreams: Episode One

We linked up with TJR, Dyro and Dash Berlin when the sun was out by Lake Ontario.
THUMP Canada Staff

Max Graham Appreciates His Ties to Canadian Cities While Moving Forward

We sit down with the Re*Brand label boss to discuss his humble and passionate approach to trance music.
Ani Hajderaj
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Breaking the Bass Wave with Datsik

Watch the Canadian bass pioneer speak his mind on the past, present, and future of dubstep.
THUMP Canada Staff
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Watch the Faceless Trap God, UZ at The Republic

UZ is a man of few words, but the experience speaks for itself.
Christine Diamantopoulos