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This Piece of Art Is Made Out of 4,000 Ecstasy Pills

And you could win it by entering a competition whose proceeds go towards a brilliant cause.
David Hillier
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Inside the UK's First City Centre Drug Testing Facility

After successfully reducing drug-related harms at UK festivals, The Loop are now taking their testing facilities to city centres – starting with Bristol.
Matty Edwards
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Festival Drug Deaths Don't Need to Happen

Another suspected drug-related death at Bestival is a tragic reminder of how avoidable drug harms can be.
Jamie Clifton
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WATCH: How to Use Weed as Safely as Possible

A handy guide from your friends at The Loop, as part of our joint harm reduction campaign.
VICE Staff
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WATCH: How to Use Cocaine as Safely as Possible

A handy guide from your friends at The Loop, as part of our joint Safe Sesh campaign.
VICE Staff
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All the Dodgy Stuff Found in the Drugs at Boomtown This Year

Fiona Measham from drugs testing and welfare organisation The Loop told us what turned up in people's drugs.
VICE Staff
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What Super Strength Ecstasy Actually Does to You

Pills in the UK are stronger than they've ever been.
Tom Usher
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The YouTubers Who Take MDMA, DMT and GHB in Their Videos

Drugslab is a Dutch initiative we could learn some valuable lessons from.
James Nolan
Harm Reduction

Meet the Woman Testing Your Drugs at This Summer's Festivals

Fiona Measham, boss at The Loop, is expanding the drugs testing service from two independent festivals to a load of major events around the UK.
David Hillier
Drug Testing

Are Home Drug Testing Kits Actually Helpful?

I spoke to two experts to work it out.
David Hillier
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First-Ever International Drug Checking Day to be Held This Friday

Harm reduction organizations from around the world are taking part in the drug education initiative on March 31.
Anna Codrea-Rado
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Watch 'High Society: Ecstasy', the First Episode of Our New Series About Drugs in the UK

In this episode we investigate what's behind the rise of ecstasy deaths in the UK, and how the dangers of using pills can be reduced.
VICE Staff