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I Got Out of Prison After 11 Years and Now They Want Me Back

Robert Woodall’s release from prison, where he did time for injuring someone with a gun in a drunken brawl, may get reversed in an actual nightmare.
Marella Gayla
Life Inside

I Had a Secret Vegetable Garden in Prison and It Was Awesome

We weren't actually allowed to garden, but that didn't stop us from doing it.
Matthew Hahn

Insane True Stories of Drunk Juries

Getting wasted while deciding the fate of suspected criminals is an age-old tradition.
Ken Armstrong

Travel Has Always Been Deadly for People of Color

The United incident was not fatal, but it harkened to a dark American tradition.
Robin Washington
Life Inside

Fun in the Supermax

Trivial Pursuit, Ted Kaczynski, and candy bars.
Blake Williams

Trump Wants Cops to Confiscate More Stuff

After joking about ruining a state senator's career, Trump encouraged cops and prosecutors to seize assets.
Maurice Chammah
Life Inside

How Drug Court Saved Me and My Baby

In my case, the system actually worked.
Abby Frutchey
Life Inside

My Best Friends in Prison are Frogs, Turtles, and Raccoons

It's a relief to hang with open-minded creatures from beyond the walls.
Joseph Dole
Life Inside

The Joy and Anxiety of Expecting a Visitor in Prison

In cell 62, another one of my birthdays became another day alone.
John Francis

Welcome to Stewart Detention Center, the Black Hole of America's Immigration System

At Stewart, roughly 1,700 men wait to find out whether they'll be deported from the United States. Chances are, they will be.
Christie Thompson
Life Inside

How I Survived ‘Ninja Shakedown’ Cell Searches in Prison

We call them the ninjas because of their black fatigues and the quasi-militaristic way they conduct themselves.
Wayne Snitzky
Life Inside

My Memories of Being in Prison with Whitey Bulger

Along with running Boston's Irish mob and eluding capture for years, Bulger was an FBI informant who allegedly snitched on his competitors. That made him an interesting arrival on my cell block.
Nate A. Lindell