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For Outdoor Athletes, Salt Lake City Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Mountain athlete Sam Elias’s new film series transcends the lines between outdoor enthusiasts and downtown urbanites.
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Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country (Full Length)

Pro Snowboarder Mark Carter leads a double life. In the offseason, he works on his family ranch in Ten Sleep, but once winter hits, the cattle come into pasture and Mark hits the road to Jackson to shred lines in the Tetons.
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Mark Carter

Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country (Trailer)

Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country (Trailer)
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Jimmy Chin

What It's Like to Survive an Avalanche with Jimmy Chin

On April 1st, 2011, Jimmy Chin was caught in an avalanche in the Teton Range in Wyoming. We animated his story of survival as he was caught in a slide that brought him to the edge of death and back.
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Alex Honnold Climbs Angola

This is Alex Honnold in Angola, for one of the most unique adventures of his storied climbing career this far.
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The Lost Winter: VICE Sports Climate Change Special

In this VICE Sports Climate Change special, we travelled around the country with snowboarder Lucas Debari and skier Maddie Bowman to investigate the effects of our lost winters. Made possible by The North Face.
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Doug Tompkins, Founder of The North Face, Dies in Patagonia

The lifelong conservationist was involved in a kayaking accident in Chile. He was 72 years old.
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Crack Climbs & Land Mines: Alex Honnold in Angola - Trailer

Alex Honnold just turned 30 years old, but he's already a climbing legend. His latest challenge? A trip to Angola, virgin climbing territory, to scale peaks that have never been attempted.
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New York

The 14-Year-Old Female Rock Climbing Phenom

We spent the day with 14-year-old climbing phenom Ashima Shiraishi as she talked about her ambitions and embarrassed grown men in the gym.
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Drone Selfies for Snowboarders

Snowboarder Xavier de le Rue has a new movie and a new “self-flying” camera that he thinks will transform aerial filmmaking the same way GoPro changed point-of-view reels.
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wonder twins

Freeskiing's Blonde Wonder Twins (that aren't actually twins)

We got to spend a down day with free-skiers Johnny and Angel Collinson to hike, have a barbecue and go bouldering.
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Making the World's Most Difficult Expeditions with a Camera in Hand: Jimmy Chin

With Jimmy Chin's new feature film "Meru" hitting theaters this week, we sat down with him to discuss the long strange trip that culminated in the making of this film.
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