the rent is too damn high


Why I Decided to Stop Paying Rent

What it’s like to risk eviction fighting one of Toronto’s worst landlords.
Alykhan Pabani
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BC to Tax Foreign Real Estate Investors Several Years Too Late

Investors from outside the country will have to pay an extra 15 percent, but it's not going to do much to help young people find an affordable place.
Sarah Berman

How to Claim Squatter's Rights to Stop Paying Your Rent

What is America if not a giant squat on someone else's land?
Jacob Harper
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Why Is the Rent So Damn High?

If you live in a big city you're probably spending huge chunks of your paychecks just to keep a roof over your head. Is there any way to fix that?
Allie Conti
Our Man in San Fran

The 'Cheapest Property in San Francisco' Is a Dilapidated Shack Selling for $350,000

The realtor told me the place is so trashed no bank will finance a mortgage, so that's $350,000 in cash—and people are apparently willing to pay.
Jules Suzdaltsev

The Battle to Save the Businesses That Make New York Unique

Activists say that unless major reforms are made into law, real estate developers will wipe out the city's quirky shops and bars and replace them with chains.
Peter Rugh

The 'Rent Is Too Damn High' Guy Says He's Being Evicted Because He's Black

He said his eviction "is about me paying low rent. But also because I'm the only negro in the building."
Mike Pearl

Silicon Valley's Newest Exclusive Clubs Are All About 'Diversity'

Can a couple of $2,500-a-year social clubs help mitigate the tech industry's notorious whiteness and maleness? Probably not, but at least some millionaires seem to know there's a problem.
Arielle Pardes

The Rent Is Too Damn High in Morning Glory's New VIdeo

Punx not dead, but rent-controlled apartments are.
Noisey Staff

The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy Is Still Running for Mayor of NYC

Jimmy McMillan is the guy with the mustache and the catchphrase, the meme of a candidate who everyone laughs at. Only this time around, no one is paying attention, even though the rent is as high as ever.
Gideon Resnick