The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election


Watching the Terrifying Election as an American in Berlin

Even with a language barrier, Berlin feels more like home than most of non-urban America does.


What Obama Can Do to Make Life Difficult for President Trump

A President Trump will be able to overturn plenty of Obama executive orders pretty much immediately after taking office, but there are some sneaky ways the outgoing president can leave his mark.


Everyone Was Wrong

Pundit types, pollsters, the vast majority of liberals and leftists who write things on the internet—almost none of them saw this shit coming.


How Ohio Is Gearing Up for a Tense Election Day

After months of tough talk and literal manure, the midwestern swing state is gearing up to once again be the center of the political world.


Don't Panic: The Election Isn't Going to Doom America, No Matter Who Wins

Don't believe all the campaign season rhetoric: Democracy isn't under attack, and America isn't about to turn into a dictatorship, no matter who gets elected president.


Foreign Greens Think the US Green Party Needs to Ditch Jill Stein

Green Party officials in Europe have achieved a lot more success than their American cousins—and they have some harsh words for the leader of the struggling US Green Party.


Women Will Be the Ones to Save America from Trump

Thanks to decades of feminist groundwork, women across the country are poised not just to elect the country's first female president, but to reject misogynistic policies that have denied them benefits.


The Writers Who Make Presidents Funny

Behind every famous politician is a comedy writer or two in charge of making sure that he or she has a sense of humour.


The Fraud, Intimidation, and Lies Spread in This Awful Election

Elections are a lot cleaner than they used to be, but dirty tricks, lies, and outright fraud still occur every time an opportunity to vote rolls around.


What People in Border States Say About the Future of Immigration

Donald Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric has hurt him in the states that would be the site of his long-promised wall.


Four States at the Centre of the Gun Control Fight

Ballot measures in Washington, Maine, California, and Nevada promise to beef up gun control in various ways, showing that the road to reform doesn't necessarily go through DC.


An Expert Explains How You Should Read the Polls

On any given day, different polls will show Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton ahead by a lot or by a little. So what gives?