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trust the process

From Hanging Chads to Theo Epstein, How Trust the Process Came to Sports

In search of the origins of the phrase "trust the process," we discovered that Theo Epstein possibly first brought the term into the sports lexicon.
Aaron Gordon
curt schilling

Theo Epstein: Curt Schilling Relied on 'Negotiating for Dummies' in Contract Talks with Red Sox

Curt Schilling denies he used the book in the negotiation process but come on, he totally did.
Sean Newell
theo epstein

Theo Epstein Is Officially the World's Greatest Leader

The Epstein is an even greater leader than the Pope. The Pope!
Mike Vorkunov

​Theo Epstein eats Actual Goat at Wrigley after Winning World Series

The Cubs executives don't believe in curses, "but they were happy to eat that goat."
Dave Brown

Tuned Up Theo Epstein Drops F Bomb on Live TV, Plans to Go on a Bender

Theo Epstein enjoyed a few post game beers and then did some interviews all drunk. It was great fun.
Mike Vorkunov

Pick Your Own Theo Epstein Disguise

In honor of Theo Epstein's brilliant disguise in Wrigley's bleachers, we provide you with your very own choose-your-own-Epventure to disguise Theo as you please.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Cubs And Yankees Match Up As Trade Partners, But It's Not That Easy

The Cubs look historically great, but need improve their bullpen. The floundering Yankees could retool by dealing vets for prospects. It fits, but it's never that easy.
Steven Goldman

Kerry Wood, The Cubs, And The Importance Of Hope

This week in 1999, Kerry Wood felt a twinge in his elbow. It was the beginning of a long and unsatisfying road for him and the Cubs, but there's a lesson in it.
Steven Goldman
hot stove things

Exorcising the Failures and Fishmongers of Chicago Cubs Past

The Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series since William Howard Taft was President, and came by their failures honestly. Now that all seems to be changing.
Steven Goldman

The Cubs, White Sox, Red Sox, Padres, And The Perils Of Going For It

The teams that made the most noise in the offseason are not doing so well thus far. Some of their futures look better than others. But also: that's baseball.
Matthew Kory

Despite What Geeks Think the Tampa Bay Rays Aren't That Great At Anything

Once a laughable expansion team with obnoxious uniforms, the Tampa Bay Rays have revamped their franchise into a competitive and savvy press darling but despite being heralded as the smartest franchise in baseball, no one but geeks really fucking care...
Anthony Pappalardo