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Brief Encounters: English Football’s Greatest Ever Short-Term Loans

Here, we look back at all the brief and fleeting loan moves that went better than anyone could have imagined.
Will Magee
arsenal's invincibles in serie a

Remembering The Failed Serie A Careers Of Arsenal’s Invincibles Generation

Before they were winning titles and going a season unbeaten at Arsenal, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira were struggling in Italy. Here’s how they shook off their Serie A woes to become icons of the Premier League.
Will Magee
football's love of false equivalence

Unpacking The Logic Behind Calling a Footballer ‘The New Thierry Henry’

When Kylian Mbappe faces Manchester City on Wednesday evening, he will bear the burden of comparison to a true great. This is inherently unfair on a young player, and also based on a deeply flawed rationale.
Will Magee
searching for the ultimate north london derby

Remembering the Greatest North London Derbies of Recent Times

With Arsenal about to meet Spurs for what promises to be one of the fiercest games of the season, we look back at their greatest clashes of recent times. Note: ‘great’ depends on perspective.
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football statues: shit or not shit?

Rating Statues of Footballers Purely On Artistic Merit

With Alan Shearer’s new statue at Newcastle being widely compared to Dale Winton, we have decided to rate football’s most famous sculptures on artistic merit alone.
Will Magee
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Goodnight Mister Tom: A Sweet Farewell To Tomas Rosicky

During Arsenal’s barren era, Tomas Rosicky was one of the few truly brilliant players to grace the club. As with so many others, however, the spectre of injury haunted his career.
Will Magee
let's lay off arsene wenger lads

If Thierry Henry Leaves His Arsenal Coaching Role, The Responsibility Is His Alone

Arsène Wenger is bound to take the flak for the decision, but the truth of the matter is that Henry’s role at Sky represents a conflict of interest.
Will Magee

Brendan Rodgers Sacked by Liverpool, Thierry Henry Reacts

Brendan Rodgers has been sacked and Thierry Henry nearly lost his eyes bugging out of their sockets when he heard the news.
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