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Trump administration plans to grant more rights to college students accused of sexual assault

Under the proposed Title IX enforcement regulations, schools would only have to launch investigations into properly reported incidents that were part of campus programs and activities.
Emma Ockerman

Colleges Are Going About Consent Education All Wrong

In her new book 'Consent on Campus,' Donna Freitas argues it's up to universities to challenge hookup culture and champion consent.
Hope Reese
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Colleges are just ignoring Betsy DeVos' rollback of campus rape protections

It’s a win for anti-rape activists.
Katie Van Syckle
Title IX

The Challenges Ahead for Transgender Athletes and Title IX Under Trump

As the Department of Education appears to consider new Title IX policies, transgender student athletes are among those with most at stake.
Katelyn Burns

The Christian Lawyers Quietly Working to Erase LGBTQ Rights

The Alliance Defending Freedom is behind a massive—and massively successful—legal effort to dismantle the rights of LGBTQ students nationwide.
Matt Baume

Girls' High School Football Title IX Suit Misses The Point

A group of Utah female youth players want their local school districts to offer the sport. But maybe nobody should be playing it.
Patrick Hruby
Title IX

Betsy DeVos Ignores Title IX’s 45th Anniversary

VICE Sports inquired with the Department of Education about what celebrations Betsy DeVos and the department might be planning for the anniversary. They provided no information.
Caitlin Kelly

Baylor's Interim President Was Just Another Part of the Problem

A recent deposition reveals David Garland to be willfully ignorant at best, and a coward at worst.
Mike Piellucci
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Indiana University Is Banning Athletes with a Criminal History of Sexual or Domestic Assault

The school's new policy will apply to prospective freshmen, current students, or transfer applicants who have been convicted of or plead guilty to a felony sexual assault charge.
Drew Schwartz
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Baylor Names First Female President in School History, Which Changes Nothing

Linda A. Livingston is the first woman to serve as president of Baylor University in the school's 142-year history—a history that has recently been shaped by scandal. Is a glass cliff waiting for her in Waco?
Caitlin Kelly

Teens are suing schools because they're “embarrassed” to share locker rooms with trans students

Tess Owen
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US Supreme Court Sends Transgender Bathroom Case Back to Appeals Court

The move comes after Trump removed an Obama-era guidance allowing students to use the restroom that aligned with their expressed gender, rather than biological sex.
Brian Moylan