Tom Usher


Photos of a London You Rarely See

We spoke to one member of artist collective The Lurkers about their new book, made up of photos they've taken while graffitiing the walls of a gentrifying city.


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Is it going to dent their business now everybody knows they can just down a couple of raging bulls rather than spending money on shitty gear?


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Men Tell Us Why They Cheated

Last week we asked women what made them cheat, so in the interest of gender equality and whatnot, this week we asked some guys.


How 'Akira' Has Influenced All Your Favourite TV, Film and Music

The iconic manga film is getting its third UK release in cinemas today – here's why you should go and watch it.


I Spent All Night Riding Around London in an Uber Pool

Would anyone speak to me? Is there any truth at all that it's the "new Tinder"? How many drunk people would come on to me?


Nazi Flags and Brexit Fans: I Went to a Massive Festival for People Obsessed with War

The War and Peace Show felt quite sweet and highly problematic all at the same time.


Successful Fuck Buddies Talk About How They Kept it Casual

How to stop your big fat feelings from getting in the way.


What It's Like to Be Arrested on Vacation

Being arrested is never great, but it's even worse when you've paid for a flight to be there.


We Asked Young Farmers How They Feel About the Rest of the World Stealing Their Look

Sales of flat caps have apparently gone up 83 percent this year. But what do actual farmers think about it? Are they furious that their style is being appropriated?