Toronto Raptors


The Airtight Financial Case for Kawhi Leonard to Stay With the Raptors

Toronto is offering a lot to the Raptors superstar, who reportedly isn’t swayed by money. But we’ll try anyway to get our Board Man paid.


Toronto Raptors Celebration Marred by Reported Shooting in Nathan Phillips Square

The reported shooting led hundreds to flee the scene, which featured the entire Raptors team and dignitaries such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Police ‘Aware’ of Video Showing Warriors Fan Allegedly Being Attacked in Toronto

Raptors fans were also called “classless” for cheering on Kevin Durant’s horrific Achilles injury.


The ‘Fan’ Who Shoved the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry Partially Owns the Golden State Warriors

Mark Stevens, a venture capitalist worth $2.3 billion, has been banned from the remainder of the NBA Finals.


Diehard Toronto Raptors Fans Describe the Highs and Lows of Remaining Loyal

With the NBA finals starting tonight, we asked fans about the impact the team has had on Toronto.


Jumping on the Raptors Bandwagon Made Me Finally Stop Hating Toronto

Even though I’ve lived here for years, this Raptors run is the only time I’ve ever felt like Toronto was my home.


Does Drake Even Know Who Smash Mouth Are? An Investigation

After the Toronto Raptors made it to the NBA finals, Smash Mouth decided to tell Drake he's no All Star.


How Canadians Can Respond to Milwaukee’s Drake Ban

After a radio station banned the Toronto Raptors fan, there’s only one thing patriotic Canadians can do: retaliate.


The Sharpshooting NBA Player with Pet Snakes

Danny Green's uncle introduced him to snakes when he was a kid. The Toronto Raptors guard has been in love with them ever since.


Dear Toronto Raptors: Bring Back Vince Carter

Let Carter try to win a championship with Toronto and finish off his legendary career where it started.


Kawhi Leonard Cares Not for Your Human Christmas Nonsense

The Toronto Raptors star was asked to talk about his favorite Christmas memories. His response? "Not right now."