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Cardi B "Underestimated This Whole Mommy Thing," Cancels Bruno Mars Tour

"Not only am I just not ready physically, I’m not ready to leave my baby behind," the rapper explained.
Alex Robert Ross
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The $598 Metallica Tour Pass Is Actually a Pretty Good Deal

The metal titans are selling a "Wherever I May Roam Black Ticket" that gets you into all the shows of their upcoming tour.
Phil Witmer
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Joey Bada$$ Celebrated the Anniversary of '1999' with Shows in Three Cities

The rapper looks back on the mixtape that jumpstarted his career with a mini-tour that stopped in London, New York, and LA.
Noisey Staff

Lil Yachty's Tour Scrapbook Is Fit for the King (of Teens)

Austin-based artist Nicholas Osella used his cut and paste ‘remixing’ style to turn tour photographer Curtis Kariuki’s images into the Lil Yachty Scrapbook.
Kevin Holmes
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Dean Blunt Shares Mysterious Snippet of Ambience Titled "18:18"

The beguiling artist strikes again.
Ezra Marcus
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Let There Be Gloom: Wax Idols and King Woman are Touring Together This May

Catch them on a Noisey-sponsored tour across the continental USA in May/June 2016.
Kim Kelly
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Noisey Presents Torche AND Nothing in NYC!

The two forces combine for a short set of dates
Noisey Staff
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British Post-Punk Pioneers The Pop Group Announce a Passel of North American Tour Dates, Including a Stop at SXSW

The British are coming
Noisey Staff
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Style Rider: How to Dress Well Shows Us the Meaning of His Name

Tom Krell gives us a sneak peek at what he's throwing in his duffel for tour.
Casey Lewis
The Selfie Files

The Selfie Files: COVES

COVES didn't really follow directions but we'll let it slide.
Marissa G. Muller
style rider

Style Rider: Sylvan Esso Has to Have Band Tees and Bonkers Platforms on Tour

The duo opens up their tour-bound suitcases for us.
Casey Lewis

Stopping by Latvia's Former KGB Torture Chambers

Latvia wasn't using its old KGB headquarters anyway, so they decided to open its doors and let sightseers in. We visited the rooms where Latvian dissidents were interrogated, tortured, and shot.
Joost Knaap