Trump withdrew from the TPP, calling it a "terrible deal." Now he wants back in.

Trump informed senators he had directed White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow to re-open TPP negotiations.


Trump hasn’t killed the TPP trade deal — yet

Despite Trump’s shredding of the trans-Pacific trade deal, Canada, New Zealand and others could still forge ahead


Trump Just Took the US Out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

In one of a trio of executive orders he signed Monday, Donald Trump followed through on a campaign promise.


Top Trump advisor sent to meet Justin Trudeau

Trudeau’s office has quietly held about a dozen of meetings with key Trump operatives in Washington in recent weeks


TPP Is Dead, but It Was Never Going to Be That Big a Deal

One of Donald Trump's favorite punching bags, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is as good as killed. So what was it, anyway?


Donald Trump Is an Incoherent Leftist When It Comes to Free Trade

The Republican candidate's big economy speech showed just how strange his ideas are—and how he could enrage the GOP if he ever followed through on them.


Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama Start a Heavy Bromance at the APEC Summit

They're on a first-name basis now.


Obama's Trade Deal Is Making Things Awkward for Democrats in Tonight's Debate

International trade negotiations are something Americans don't usually give two shits about. But the TPP might make Tuesday's Vegas showdown a little more interesting.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Obama prepares for another battle with Congress, an 11-year-old boy is charged with murder, Snowden makes new allegations, a former Egyptian general says America "controls the weather," and more.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is Now Finalized, but You Can't Read It Quite Yet

The shroud of secrecy surrounding Obama's 12-country trade deal won't be removed for quite some time.


Canada Is Signing Up to Get Sued by More Foreign Corporations

Wikileaks reveals Canada is on deck to face lawsuits from more foreign corporations thanks to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


The Toronto Police (and Saskatchewan’s RCMP) Are Looking to Buy Body-Worn Cameras

It looks as if the Toronto Police are going to be going ahead with a pilot project to test body-worn cameras. Plus we dug up a notice from the Saskatchewan RCMP who also want to get into the cop-camera game.