Two Men Almost DROWNED In a Toronto Elevator

Nightmare fuel.


Toronto Cops in Big Trouble for Eating Weed Edibles, Calling Backup on Themselves

Constables Jamie Young and Vittorio Dominelli couldn’t handle their stolen chocolate hazelnut edibles, police allege.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Secret anti-FBI memo could drop any minute, more Rohingya mass graves uncovered, former Trump spokesman to speak with special counsel, and more.


How Trump's war on immigrants could backfire

The crackdown is galvanizing political opposition that may end up costing Republicans control of Congress.


How Trump is splitting up Salvadoran-American families

Trump is preparing to kick 220,000 Salvadorans out of the country. They have 193,000 kids who were born in the U.S.


Toronto Police Raid Recreational Weed Dispensary Openly Defying Current Laws

Toronto Police made three arrests at prominent marijuana activist Jodie Emery's dispensary, Cannabis Culture, this afternoon.


Why Toronto Police Go Easy on Cops Who Drive Drunk

But they could finally be taking a harder line against their own.


Brisbane, Australia’s 2014 G20 Security Costs Were $500M Less than Toronto’s

According to a recent report from the Brisbane Times, Australia spent $100 million on security during their recent G20 summit, a figure which pales in comparison to Toronto's $929 million for the G8 and G20 of 2010.


This Short Documentary Explores the Toronto Police’s Racial Profiling Problem

In light of a Toronto Star investigation that revealed the extent to which black people are profiled in Toronto, along with a sweeping policy change in the Toronto Police to revise their profiling tactics, an advocacy group called the Toronto...


The Toronto Police's Long History of Racial Profiling

Tiana Reid examines the Toronto Police's carding practices.