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Opinion: The U.S. Is About to Decide if LGBTQ People Truly Count as Citizens

In an exclusive op-ed, Congressman Joe Kennedy III explains why LGBTQ Americans need the Equality Act to pass.
Joseph Kennedy III
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Canada Is Not Safe from Donald Trump’s Attacks on Transgender Human Rights

There is reason to be concerned Canada’s conservatives could look to the south to find a convenient social issue to run on.
Abigail Curlew
Generational Gaps

Trans People Talk About What They Wish They Knew When They Were Younger

"I wish I'd known I needn't feel obliged to talk about my genitals to random people at parties."
Clara Krohn
Dipo Faloyin

Photos that Show How Our Society Can Break Women

Award-winning photojournalist Marie Hald shares some of her most powerful works and the stories behind them.
VICE Staff

Why Gay Men Need to Get Past Masculinity

Drag queens can be leather men. Bears can be feminine. And the more we reinforce the opposite, the less ground we'll gain under Trump.
Jeff Leavell
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The Next Generation of Doctors Will Be Better at Treating Trans Patients

Too few schools have trans-specific content in their curriculum, but things are changing for the better.
Keren Landman
The New Queer

How LGBTQ People Can Fight a Trump Administration

How does an administration hostile to LGBTQ rights shift the playbook for transgender activism?
Chase Strangio

​A Canadian University Professor Is Under Fire For Rant on Political Correctness

The University of Toronto prof posted the rants on his YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads lectures and discussions related to his psychology courses.
Jake Kivanc

Throwback Thursday: Transgender Tennis Trailblazer Renée Richards Takes on the U.S. Open

In 1976, transgender athlete Renée Richards sued the United States Tennis Association in order to compete in the women's draw at the U.S. Open, a landmark case that still resonates.
Sean Newell
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North Carolina Is Suing the Feds to Protect Its Anti-Trans Bathroom Law

Governor Pat McCrory thinks the Obama administration is trying to bypass Congress and rewrite the law.
Helen Donahue

What I've Learned Trying Not to Get Killed as a Transgender Sex Worker

We spoke to some of the trans women living in the European country where you're most likely to get murdered for being trans.
Didem Tali

Conservative Albertans Are Losing Their Shit Over Gender-Inclusive Schools

Ideology is being prioritized over the health of kids.
Manisha Krishnan