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I’m Over the Blacksplaining Going on in Film and Television

Many stories around the black experience aren’t being told for black people.
Noel Ransome

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Want More Action, Less Conversation

We spoke with Trayvon Martin’s parents about Trump and their docuseries ‘Rest In Power.’
Noel Ransome

Metalheads Are Terrible at Confronting the Grim Realities of Death

On "Resting in Power" and metal's fear of the dark.
Christopher Krovatin

I Was Forced to Fight, Now I'm Learning to Cry

Black boys have to bury their emotions as they face off against racism and chase machismo.
Wilbert L. Cooper
The Restless Youth Issue

At City Hall with Trayvon Martin’s Brother, a Rising Community Organizer

In the five years since his brother's murder, Jahvaris Fulton has transformed from a quiet son who stayed largely out of the public eye to a rising force in New York City's local government scene.
Timothy Bella
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Please Stop Smearing Victims of Police Brutality

The media's tabloid obsession with David Dao's "sordid history" is taking the focus off of our nation's severe problem with police violence.
Wilbert L. Cooper
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Americans See Black Men as Larger Than They Really Are, Study Finds

The survey also found that nonwhite respondents thought black men were more capable of violence than whites—and that cops would be more justified using force in altercations with them.
Drew Schwartz
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Florida saw 32 percent more gun homicides because of “stand your ground”

Olivia Becker
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Man Gets 20 Years in Prison for Shooting at George Zimmerman's Car

Matthew Apperson claimed he was acting in self-defense when he pulled a gun on the notorious former neighborhood watchman during a road rage incident last year.
Lauren Messman
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Trayvon Martin's Parents Will Tell Their Son's Story in a New Memoir

"Everyone who's been reading the manuscript is in tears by the second chapter."
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Nine people were killed and 40 more were injured in Chicago gun violence over the weekend, LAX was evacuated after police received false reports of gunshots, the US accepts its 10,000th Syrian refugee, and more.
VICE Staff
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George Zimmerman Allegedly Got Decked for Bragging About Trayvon Martin

According to Zimmerman, the whole thing started when he complimented someone's Confederate flag tattoo.
Allie Conti