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Watching These Elderly Italians Line Dance to Deep House Reminds Us That There's Still Hope in the World

Thanks, DJ Sprinkles.
Josh Baines

Have Your Pizza and Play It Too with Pizza Hut’s New Cardboard CDJs

Pass the box cord please.
Max Mohenu
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Watch These People Take Acid Then Attempt to Build IKEA Furniture

Far from the lights and sounds of the dancefloors many associate with the drug, Giancarlo and Nicole start their quest toward constructing a dresser while tripping.
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The World Sucks, These DJs in Puppy T-Shirts Don't

The cutest fashion trend taking EDM festival stages by storm.
Oliver Kinkel
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You’ve Been Pronouncing Your Favorite DJ’s Name Wrong This Entire Time

At least according to this video, which informs us that Marcel Dettmann is actually pronounced "Marshall Deadman."
Colin Joyce
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Smash Mouth's Attempt at EDM Is Worse Than the Time Their Singer Ate a Bunch of Eggs

Ever wonder what "All Star" would sound like with Top 40 drops? "Love is a Soldier" is your answer.
Max Mertens
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Donald Trump’s Daughter’s Cheesy 2011 Dance-Pop Song is the National Anthem That the US Deserves

Before her father ran for commander-in-chief, Tiffany Trump made a bid for Top 40 radio domination.
Max Mertens
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Fabric's Elderly Ravers Have Sent the Club a Thank You Letter From Poland

Turns out it wasn't a massive PR stunt after all!
Angus Harrison

Life Lessons Learned From the DJ Who Didn’t Realize His Set Went Totally Silent

Halfway through his festival set KSHMR went silent for everybody except him.
Angus Harrison
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Some DJ Prank Called Ableton's Tech Support In the Middle of His "Live Set"

Even producers like Machinedrum have shared the "track."
David Garber
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The Underlying Beauty Behind the Viral Photo of Fabric's Elderly Ravers

London nightlife isn't dead, it's been kept alive by Polish grandparents on holiday.
Angus Harrison

Meet the Diehard Finnish DJ Who Inspired the “Techno Interests Me” Meme

The story of how "Techno Antti" became one of dance music's funniest memes—plus, an exclusive mix from the Helsinki mainstay.
Jesse Weiss