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Watch Adam Sandler's Extremely Pure Musical Tribute to Chris Farley

Netflix released it on the anniversary of Farley's death.
Beckett Mufson
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Mac Miller Will Live Through Us Forever

The celebration of the late rapper's life in LA offered a night where tributes mirrored his own selflessness, and coping was communal.
Myles Andrews-Duve
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Saying Goodbye to Aretha Franklin

We celebrate the queen of soul, and the impact she had on our music and culture.
VICE Staff

​Rest In Peace Sione Lauaki: A Tribute To The Waikato Cult Hero Who Went Too Soon

Sione's career traversed the Pacific and was played with brute Polynesian power. While he never reached the lofty heights many predicted, Lauaki will be remembered for several almost comical displays of bruising, powerhouse rugby.
Jed Smith
grammys 2017

Adele Stops and Restarts George Michael Tribute at 2017 Grammys

She had to start over and, as is often the case, it was all worth it.
Alex Robert Ross

VICE Sports Q&A with Rui Costa: The Man Rebuilding Chapecoense After the Tragedy

In November, 71 members of the Chapecoense soccer club died in a plane crash. Director of football Rui Costa is tasked with putting the team back together again.
Raphael Gellar and Chris Goldenbaum
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POP Montreal's Leonard Cohen Tribute Was as Human as He Was

Montreal musicians and writers pulled from Cohen's vast catalogue of work to celebrate his imperfectly perfect life.
Sharonne Cohen

Prince Was the Unlikely Inspiration Behind an Entire Generation of Ballroom and Vogue Dancers

"In the way David Bowie was for white kids, Prince was for black kids."
Kia Labeija
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Shed a Tear While Watching D’Angelo Cover Prince’s “Sometimes It Snows in April” on 'Jimmy Fallon'

This is ridiculously beautiful.
Daisy Jones
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Bruce Springsteen Covered "Purple Rain" to Open Up His Concert Last Night

A heartfelt tribute from The Boss.
John Hill
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Skratch Bastid's Turntable Routine is a Fitting Tribute to Prince's Career

The Canadian DJ pays his respects with a version of The Purple One's 1986 classic "Kiss."
THUMP Canada Staff
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The Emotive and Impossible Task of the Music of David Bowie at Radio City Music Hall

We attended the heartbreaking tribute to David Bowie last night featuring The Flaming Lips, Michael Stipe, Amanda Palmer, and more.
Sophie Saint Thomas