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Don't Let Troy Tulowitzki's Sad Decline Take Away from His Greatness

Tulo was a superstar, once among MLB's very best players. But injuries got the best of him, leading to his release from the Toronto Blue Jays.
Drew Fairservice

Photog Asks Blue Jays SS Troy Tulowitzki to Pose as Pitcher, Tulo Obliges

Whatever baseball card this winds up on will be a collectors' item.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Blue Jays Mailbag: Factors to Consider for Josh Donaldson's Next Contract

Will Donaldson remain a Jay past 2018? Andrew Stoeten discusses that, Stroman's arbitration case, and answers a question on whether Tulo should, gulp, retire.
Andrew Stoeten

Blue Jays Mailbag: Lousy Defence, and Justin Smoak's Future in Toronto

Andrew Stoeten on whether All-Star Justin Smoak makes for a good trade or extension candidate, Roberto Osuna starting, and the relationship between poor pitching and bad defence.
Andrew Stoeten

Blue Jays Mailbag: Goins vs. Tulo, Pillar's Start, and the 10-Day DL

Ryan Goins has been solid. But—and this should go without saying—the Blue Jays will be getting a monster upgrade when Tulowitzki returns.
Andrew Stoeten
Toronto Blue Jays

Blue Jays Mailbag: Martin-Tulo Trade Value, and Prospect Talk

We're not even a month into the season and much of the conversation surrounding the team is about prospects and rebuilding.
Andrew Stoeten

Why the Blue Jays' Franchise-Worst Start Doesn't Mean Much... Yet

Toronto's 1-6 record is the worst in baseball. But there's 155 games left.
Chris Toman

Troy Tulowitzki's 3-Year-Old Son Can Mash

We wish we were as good and coordinated as Taz.
Kyle Cantlon

Troy Tulowitzki Is the Key to the Blue Jays' Season

We know what Tulo can do with his glove, but a big year with his bat could change the dynamic of the club's offence.
Andrew Stoeten
Blue Jays

Tulowitzki Takes the Lead as Blue Jays Make Last-Ditch Surge to Playoffs

The 2016 Blue Jays have become Troy Tulowitzki's team. His leadership looms large, and he is unafraid to acknowledge it.
John Lott
Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez's Death Takes Mark Shapiro Back to 1993

Shapiro was with Cleveland when Indians pitchers Tim Crews and Steve Olin died in a boating accident in 1993. The Blue Jays' president, and shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, spoke about the death of Jose Fernandez, the Marlins' 24-year-old ace.
John Lott
Toronto Blue Jays

Josh Donaldson is Quietly (Somehow) Keeping the Blue Jays on Top of the AL East

Josh Donaldson is playing better than his MVP season last year and is still somehow flying under the radar.
Robert O'Connell