True North Crime


The Sad Story of What Could Become Canada’s Longest Wrongful Imprisonment

After more than 35 years behind bars—made longer by his claim of innocence—Phillip Tallio will finally get an appeal next year.


The BC Sex Scandal Between a Juror and Accused Murderer

Twenty years ago, Gillian Guess went from serving on a jury to appearing in front of one.


She Was the Last Woman Executed In Canada. She May Have Been Innocent

More than half a century after a bomb on board a plane killed nearly two dozen people near the St. Lawrence River, the evidence that condemned Marguerite Pitre to hang remains pretty flimsy.


How Canada’s Most Prolific Hit Man Turned Informant on the Hells Angels

“Apache” Trudeau was known as a killer with “no respect for human life at all.”


He Was a Top Officer in the Military, and Also a Serial Killer

The story of Russell Williams, the air force colonel who shocked Canada, and how he was caught.


How the Man Who Committed One of Canada’s Most Gruesome Murders Was Caught

How and why Douglas Garland murdered and tortured a former business partner, his wife and their five-year-old grandson.


How a Dismembered Montreal Sex Worker Became a Sensation, Then a Ghost, and Now a Fading Legend

Why Mary Gallagher’s brutal murder became a Montreal ghost story.