Turn Down for What

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Please, a Gold Medal For the Guy Who Figure Skated to "Turn Down For What"

The rules of the sport have changed, and now skaters can use music with lyrics in their routines. Ergo, Lil Jon.
Lauren O'Neill
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DJ Snake and Lil Jon Sued for Copyright Infringement Over "Turn Down for What"

The suit alleges the duo’s 2013 hit infringed upon South Carolina rapper Freddie GZ's song of the same name.
Krystal Rodriguez
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Can Artists Stop Brands from Using Their Lyrics?

When an artist's lyrics go viral, they often aren't the only ones to cash in on the craze.
Jessica Meiselman
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DJ Snake's Debut Album Saved the Friday That Frank Ocean Did His Best to Ruin

The EDM superstar’s ‘Encore’ is more fun than watching someone play with power tools.
Gary Suarez

From Viral Hit to Grammy Nom, "Turn Down For What" is Still Turnt

We talked to the video directors earlier this year before their unexpected nomination for a video about powerful body parts.
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Ice-T Teamed Up with Some Shitty Metalcore Band to Cover “Turn Down for What”

Turn up for Ice.
Dan Ozzi

I Interviewed and Took a Selfie with Lil Jon, Nick Cannon, a Bunch of Random Artists, and J Lo

When in doubt, ask celebrities about Based God and French Montana.
Jonathan Peltz
New music

~~AIR HORNS~~ New Lana Del Rey

Turn down for nothing, friends.
Drew Millard

LA Hippies Are Getting Arrested for Having Drum Circles

Rich people are moving into Venice, California, and encouraging the police to crack down on drum circles and other bohemian activities.
Jules Suzdaltsev

Meet the Man Behind Lil Jon & DJ Snake's "Turn Down for What" Video

I talked to Daniel Kwan, co-director and star of the most absurd music video of 2014.
Max Pearl
Deep Ass Questions

Is Lil Jon’s Video “Turn Down For What” About a Penis with Superpowers?

We ask the important questions.
Ryan Bassil