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'Roseanne’ Is Coming Back Without Roseanne

ABC have ordered 10 episodes of 'The Conners,' but the show's original star will have no creative or financial involvement.
Wendy Syfret
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Millie Bobby Brown Left Twitter After Assholes Made Her into a Homophobic Meme

She's 14 years old, people.
River Donaghey
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Now Roseanne Is Blaming Her Racist Tirade on Ambien

That was fast.
Drew Schwartz
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Trump's Aides Allegedly Add Errors to the President's Tweets for 'Style'

West Wing staff apparently imitates Trump’s voice by adopting grammatical errors and disorderly syntax in his uniquely primitive style.
Adam Forrest
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Discuss Bob Corker and Donald Trump's Ongoing Feud

The late-night hosts break down the politicians' fighting words, both on and off Twitter.
Sarah Bellman
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Trump's Rambling Tweets Are 'Official Statements,' According to Spicer

Including "covfefe," apparently.
Drew Schwartz
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The Secret Service Doesn't Like @realDonaldTrump Either

The agents are apparently struggling to deal with a "tidal wave of threats" made against the president on Twitter.
Drew Schwartz
Tweets of Our Time

Tweets of Our Time: Richard Dawkins Watches Two Dogs 69

"I've seen a dog & bitch indulging in full 69."
Joel Golby
creepy shit

Dear God, Why Are These Turkeys Circling a Dead Cat?

We talked to some of the best minds in ornithology about that horrifying turkey tweet.
VICE Staff
so sad today

What if I Never Live My Best Life?

When I say 'I'M FUCKED UP!' in a way that embraces where I am (and where other people are as well), I'm not creating an advertisement for fucked-upness or trying to convert anyone. I'm reporting from the trenches.
So Sad Today
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A National Park's Twitter Account Defiantly Tweeted Climate Change Facts

The tweets were just a bunch of scientific facts, posted without comment. Now they're gone.
Mike Pearl

Desus and Mero Discuss Trump's Twitter Addiction

There's nothing quite like overcompensating for tiny hands by having big Twitter fingers.
Sarah Bellman