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Big Freedia Proves That "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" Can, In Fact, Bang

On "Rudy, the Big Booty Reindeer," the Queen of Bounce replaces Rudolph's bright red nose with "a very large behind," proving once and for all that Paul F. Tompkins is wrong.
Alex Robert Ross

NFL Plans to Circulate Video Clarifying What Sexually Suggestive Acts Are Penalties. We Obviously Need this Video ASAP.

Please, please let there be video of NFL officials twerking. Please.
Sean Newell

Here Are 11 Absolutely Terrible Thanksgiving Club Flyers

Tryptophan and clubbing don't mix.
Gigen Mammoser

Young People in Russia Explain What They Think of All the Stuff Getting Banned in the Country

"I'm completely against cultural isolation. Unfortunately, Russia is making a beeline for that at the moment."
Alice Tchernookova
Objectively Correct Lists

The 13 Most Epically Hilarious Halloween Costumes of 2014

OMFG these costumes are our everything.
Noisey Staff

We Spoke to the Ass Expert Behind

What if we told you there was a collective of people all over the world held together by the love of the posterior? Well, it's called And we talked to the beautiful nerds behind it.
Allison Tierney
it's miley

Vermont High School Cancels Homecoming Dance and Blames Miley Cyrus and Her Dang Twerking

When twerking is outlawed, only outlaws will twerk.
Dan Ozzi
The week in GIFS

DMX Screamed Like an Insane Person While Riding a Roller Coaster

Video footage of DMX losing his fucking mind on a roller coaster is all over the internet this week. He screams profanities while riding the Sling Shot in Orlando, Florida, then pretends like he was never scared at all. Nice try, dude.
Dave Schilling

We Partied with DJ Paul and the Stripper Who Gave the Lap Band Dance at the Gathering of the Juggalos

The breakout star of the Gathering of the Juggalos was Ratchet Regi, a stripper who twerked on a 500-pound man's belly in front of Da Mafia 6ix's DJ Paul at an outdoor strip club.
Mitchell Sunderland

Atlanta: Strip City

With unique access to three of the city's most notorious strip clubs, their best-known dancers, management, and loyal customers, Atlanta: Strip City explores what it's really like to get naked and dance for money in the strip club capital of the...
Joanna Fuertes Knight

The Twerking Thief Strikes in Brooklyn

Just when you thought the whole twerking trend couldn't get more ridiculous, a surveillance camera caught a woman twerking outside an apartment building mere moments before she and a man stole the contents of two packages from the building.
Alison Stevenson
we saw this

A Look Inside the Twerking Championships

Spoiler: Lotsa ass.
Clive Martin