What UGK’s ‘Ridin Dirty’ Means to Houston's Souped-Up Car Culture

Souped-up cars are so central to 'Ridin Dirty' that Bun and Pimp actually appear in a whip on the cover. In celebration of the hip-hop classic's 20th anniversary, we hopped on the phone with some of Houston's most influential slab artists to get their...


Oh My God, Here's a New Pimp C and Lil Wayne Song Called "3 Way Freak"

A posthumous album of all new Pimp C material called 'Long Live The Pimp' is coming out December 4.


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'Long Live the Pimp' Remixtape by Cy Fyre

Six years ago, one half of the of the legendary rap group UGK, Chad "Pimp C" Butler died of a codeine overdose. We are proud to honor Pimp C with this exclusive premiere of Cy Fyre's Long Live the Pimp remixtape, which features classic Pimp C...


Ten Of The Greatest Food Moments In Hip-Hop Ever Of All Time

Imagine Bun B and Pimp C high-fiving because they balled so hard they got the shits.