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This Global Map Shows You How Nature Benefits You Directly

The map displays how people all over the world receive benefits from the environment, and who is most likely to lose them due to land use issues and the climate crisis.


The Indigenous Teen Who Confronted Trudeau About Unsafe Water Took On the UN

Autumn Peltier is 15, Indigenous, and fighting for everyone around the world to have clean drinking water.


Tiny Island Nations Are Carbon-Shaming Everyone at the UN

A total of 15 countries, including several low-lying island nations, committed to zero out their carbon emissions by 2050 at the UN Monday.


What I Saw Inside the Messy, Desperate Chaos of the UN Climate Summit

Under rapidly approaching deadlines to keep global warming to a tolerable level, too many world leaders seem unable or unwilling to act.


The Era of Polite Climate Activism Is Dead and Buried

Activists blocked the streets of Washington as Greta Thunberg issued an ultimatum to world leaders at the UN.


Teen Climate Strikers Are Being Treated Seriously by the UN

After a day of angry, passionate rallies, United Nations officials had a message for young protesters: We hear you.


The Global Climate Strike Is Already Massive in the First Few Hours

Youth protesters incorporated Shawn Mendes, Lizzo and the 2004 Hillary Duff film “Raise Your Voice” into their strike signs as they thronged the streets


ISIS Is Using Internet Propaganda to Maintain a 'Virtual Caliphate,' UN Report Says

The report, which argues the internet still gives the terror group global reach, urges nations to spy on the dark web.


1 Million Species Are Threatened with Extinction Thanks to Humans, UN Report Says

A comprehensive United Nations report compiled by more than 450 researchers warns of a dire future for both humans and nature if business continues as usual.


This Is How Quickly We're Killing the Planet

One million of the planet’s nearly 9 million species are facing extinction within decades, a new U.N. report says.


These Foreign Governments Got Leases in Trump World Tower after the Inauguration

The State Department approved the luxury-unit rentals, without approval from Congress


Is Finland really the happiest country in the world?

For reasons that confound even Finns, the United Nations' 2019 “World Happiness Report” ranked Finland number one — again.