Urban Exploring

Damien Hirst

This Abandoned Melbourne Wildlife Park Features a Decaying Shark

The great white sits in a tank of formaldehyde like a discount Damien Hirst.
Don Kransky

The Secret Lives of People Obsessed with Going Deep Underground

There's urban exploring, and then there's the primordial obsession with going way below the Earth's surface.
Philip Eil
Urban Exploring

How America’s Most Luxurious Cruise Liner Became a Scary-Ass Wreck

If you were visiting the Canary Islands in the 90s, this was the ultimate day trip.
Julian Morgans

I Spent Friday the Thirteenth Looking for Ghosts in an Abandoned Insane Asylum

Larundel Mental Asylum was closed in 2001. It's since developed a reputation for being haunted, which is a big drawcard.
David Allegretti

The Enduring Legend of the Girl Who Died in Odessa's Catacombs

Investigating the mysterious death of a young women who wandered into one an underground tunnel and never came out—but lives on as an internet rumor.
Mike Pearl

A Famous Urban Explorer Is Fighting Trespassing Charges After Being Arrested by the Cleveland Cops

Seph Lawless has attracted lots of media attention for his photos of the insides of abandoned buildings—and that attention, he says, made the authorities in his city very, very upset.
Isaac Simpson

More Photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

You demanded more photos from the urban exploring trip to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. You're in luck, because here they are in all their illicit glory.
Jules Suzdaltsev

Four Photographers Snuck into and Explored Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

While the Ranch floats in real estate limbo, we spoke to the group of photographers who snuck onto the grounds to explore the abandoned kingdom.
VICE Staff

Cheating Death in Montreal’s Abandoned Buildings

Urban exploration, better known as "urbex" is a fairly self-explanatory activity. In every major city around the globe, there are communities of people who have formed a culture centered around—you guessed it—exploring the urban landscape. We followed...
Neha Chandrachud

The Soviet Ghost Town in the Czech Republic

There’s a little bit of the Soviet empire left in the middle of the Czech Republic, but it’s abandoned, decaying, and forgotten. How could two towns, one Czech and one Russian, exist without the residents knowing about each other? If you’ve got enough...
Clare Speak