mueller report

Everything the Mueller report says about the infamous, probably nonexistent "pee tape"

As it turns out, it's still "unverified."
Emma Ockerman

The Dos and Don'ts of Golden Showers

Yesterday, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro asked Twitter what golden showers are. Here, Jair, is a beginner's guide.
Ben Charlie Smoke
Australia Today

A Woman Survived Six Days in the Outback By Drinking Pasta Sauce and Piss

Stranded in the desert, Brooke Phillips basically survived on a diet of sharehouse food.
Gavin Butler
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Welsh Killers Show Almost Ruined by Lack of Toilets, Fans Peeing Everywhere

A Killers concert in Swansea had no toilets for general admission concertgoers, resulting in fans missing large portions of the set to pee on a fence outside the venue.
Phil Witmer

Does Beer Really 'Go Through You' Quicker Than Other Booze?

The answer won't surprise you too much, but it's more complicated than you think.
Joe Bish

Golden Showers 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Pee Play

From power dynamics to wet sex and eating pineapples, a beginners guide to urophilia.
VICE Staff
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There Are Probably Gallons of Pee in Every Pool, Says Study

A group of researchers figured out the average pee-to-water ratio by tracking an artificial sweetener that passes through the body. Gross!
VICE Staff
golden showers

Why People Like Getting Peed On

We asked sex experts why golden showers can really get some folks going.
Anna David
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Puke and Pee Is Gradually Destroying the World's Tallest Church

A seemingly endless stream of drunk people's urine is eroding the stone foundation of the world's tallest church in the German city of Ulm, and no one quite knows how to stop it.
River Donaghey

When the Cops Take Your Urine by Force

When police want a sample, they can do it the easy way, or they can do it the hard way.
Ken Armstrong
Vice Blog

The Most Embarrassing Thing That Ever Happened to Me at School

The classroom is nothing but a petri dish of humiliation and shame.
VICE Staff

The UK Is Getting Rid of Its Public Toilets

"Public toilets are a type of first aid, in a way."
Amelia Dimoldenburg