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Tony DiCicco, Who Coached Iconic USWNT Team, Dies at 68

To trace the career of Tony DiCicco, who coached the U.S. women in their 1999 World Cup win, is to follow the transformation of the sport he devoted his life to.
Howard Megdal
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Women's Soccer Players Jeered with Homophobic Slurs at Olympics

The chants occurred during the U.S. women's soccer game against New Zealand on Wednesday, and Canada's game against Australia on Thursday.
Liam Daniel Pierce

USWNT Administered a Drubbing to Colombia With Some Gloriously Cheeky Goals

Julie Johnston tallied two on the day, Christen Press one, and a couple devastating chips were enjoyed by all.
Liam Daniel Pierce

A Modest Proposal for Replacing the USMNT with the Women's National Team

This week it was revealed that the U.S. Women's National Team was paid less than the men's team, despite the former being way better. There's an easy fix for that.
Corbin Smith

The National Women's Soccer League Isn't Going Anywhere. Now What?

The NWSL has already gotten further than any American women's soccer league has. The next step—growing into an institution—is the most important one.
Howard Megdal

Republican Senator Votes Against Equal Pay for Female Athletes Just to Prove a Petty Point

It was just supposed to be symbolic, but no. Congress can't even handle that.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Hope Solo to Face Domestic Violence Charges Again After Appeal

This second go-around might not look so promising for Solo.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Buh-Bye, "Babe City": How Sexist Coverage Of The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Is Dying

Once upon a time, coverage of the Women's World Cup and the U.S. national team was nonexistent at best, sexist at worst. Times have changed.
Leander Schaerlaeckens

Who Attends the Women's World Cup?

While attendance numbers may not be massive, the tournament has drawn hardcore fans from across the continent.
Maggie Mertens
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Sydney Leroux on Canada, The U.S. and Artificial Turf

USWNT striker Sydney Leroux talks about the dangers women face by playing on artificial turf.​
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