What is US Soccer Even Doing?

Despite big talk of restructuring after an embarrassing summer where USMNT failed to qualify for the World Cup, It's business as usual for US Soccer.


Clint Dempsey Was U.S. Soccer

Deuce says peace to the beautiful game.


FIFA wants the U.S., Canada and Mexico to play nice again

"Thank you for entrusting us with this privilege.”


Christian Pulisic Continues Criticism of Youth Development in U.S.

The USMNT and Borussia Dortmund star bashed the pay-for-play model.


Tim Weah Has the Talent—and the Pedigree—to Save U.S. Soccer

The son of African soccer icon George Weah just starred for the United States at the U17 World Cup.


You're the Reason Why the USMNT Suck

Take a look in the mirror, hater.


US Soccer Reaches Airline Levels of Ticket-Buying Absurdity

Remember the days when tickets would just go on sale once for everyone?


American Outlaws Tifo Problematically Calls Gold Cup, an Object, a "She"

It's not the best idea to give the Gold Cup—an inanimate object for which men compete—a female identity.


Mexican Newspaper Calls Pulisic "The New Donovan"

A lot of people were saying that for a while. Then we watched Pulisic show even more potential than the retired USMNT forward.


Darlington Nagbe Nearly Tricks Clint Dempsey into Saying What's Up to Portland

The USA plays Mexico, but that doesn't mean that the Timbers - Sounders rivalry isn't going strong.


Was Pulisic's Promise of a Win at Azteca too Much? A VICE Sports Debate

The Wonderkid is indisputably coming into form on the pitch, but what message does this send?


We're at a Point Where It's OK to Expect More From the USMNT

Last night's matches at the senior and U-20 level proved to be a decent sounding board for the future of the sport in our country.