The Make Believe Issue

August's Best and Worst Albums

Royal Headache rules, Hot Chip reminds us that British white dudes can't dance, and the new Mac Demarco mini-LP inspired a hallucinatory experience involving characters from "The X-Files."
VICE Staff
The Make Believe Issue

Photos of Small Town Life in Catskill, New York

You learn to love and hate it all at once—always wanting to leave, always coming back, longing for the day you drop everything and go for good.​
Juan Madrid
The Make Believe Issue

'Shrink': Fiction by Tim Parks

Tim Parks is the author of 16 novels, a short story collection, and multiple essay collections. This is his first short story for VICE.
Tim Parks

Bowling Alleys Are American Pockets of Purgatory

It's a sport/game/leisure activity so simple that I always feel vaguely self-conscious actually explaining it out loud: "Well, you, um, try to knock down pins with a ball."
VICE Staff
The Make Believe Issue

The Polar Extremes of Communities Behind California's 'Redwood Curtain'

Underneath the grandeur of nature, the struggles of small-town life are found.
Curran Hatleberg
The Make Believe Issue

Artist Marilyn Minter on Her First Retrospective, Anti-Censorship, and Pubes

We caught up with the inimitable painter about her impending retrospective, which she says is "about the overlooked."
Joseph Keckler
The Make Believe Issue

Getting Drunk on Tea Infusions with Montreal’s Underground Connoisseurs

A select group of tea collectors are known to gather in Montreal's best tea shop for an invite-only event called "After Hours." Guests bring their most prized tea and, under the guise of camaraderie, hope to be pummeled into herbal enlightenment.
Rowan Jacobsen
The Make Believe Issue

Why Isn’t a Revolutionary HIV Medication Getting to Sex Workers?

Thanks to widespread stigma and cultural incompetency within the health-care system, Truvada is not reaching the people who may need it most.
Caelainn Hogan
The Make Believe Issue

Azerbaijan Is Trying to Attract Tourism with Its Crude Oil Spas

While getting your crude oil all over the place is usually frowned upon, there's one town in Azerbaijan that's tied its fortune to dunking tourists in the stuff.
Ryan Max
The Make Believe Issue

Why Chad's Muslim Population Didn't Oppose the Country's Burka Ban

In June, the government announced that burkas, turbans, and other religious face coverings would be banned nationwide. Interestingly, local Muslims raised seemingly little outcry.
Mark Hay
The Make Believe Issue

How NASA Developed the Psychedelic Blueprints for the First Cities in Space

Forty years ago, the first serious blueprint for building cities in space was drawn almost on a whim. The artists NASA hired ended up making something that looks like 2001: A Space Odyssey on ayahuasca.
Brian Merchant
The Make Believe Issue

Sri Lanka Massacred Tens of Thousands of Tamils While the World Looked Away

Sri Lankan soldiers recorded these terrible crimes on their mobile phones and camcorders—and over the past four years, more and more of this footage has emerged.
Callum Macrae