Vampire Weekend


Vampire Weekend's Freewheeling Pop Rock and 11 More Albums for Heavy Rotation

Ecstatic ambience and nimble raps make up the rest of this week's essential listening.


We Are So Lucky That Vampire Weekend Are Back

The New York band is and always has been very good. Period.


With "Harmony Hall" and "2021," Vampire Weekend Are Finally Back

They're the first singles from the long-awaited 'Father of the Bride,' set for an April release.


This Vampire Weekend Teaser Is Pretty Bonkers

Two hours of guitar loops promise two new tracks from the band’s fourth album, which has the initials “FOTB” and is out this spring.


Danielle Haim Joins Vampire Weekend for "The Boys Are Back in Town"

Are these the boys? Is Yuzawa, in Niigata Prefecture, the town? Or were they simply spreading the word around?


Maggie Rogers and Rostam Are a Perfect Pair On "Fallingwater"

The one-time viral star levels up on her new collaboration with the ex-Vampire Weekend instrumentalist.


James Corden Is Taking Over Indie Rock Too, Nobody Is Safe

Everyone's least favorite late night host will voice Peter Rabbit in a new movie and has also recorded a song written by Ezra Koenig.


Here Are All the Pop Culture Retrospectives You’ll Read in 2018

Has it really been 10 years since that thing you liked? Yes, yes it has.


Ezra Koenig's Anime 'Neo Yokio' Has Arrived on Netflix

He's also shared minimal details about new Vampire Weekend music.


Rostam Might Be a Pop Genius

The former Vampire Weekend member steps out on his own to make 'Half-Light,' an album of infectious pop hooks and effortlessly sincere ideas.


With Dams of the West, Chris Tomson and Patrick Carney Ponder Obsolescence

We talk with the Vampire Weekend drummer and producer Carney about going solo, the aging Pitchfork generation, and the process of figuring out just what it was CT had to say after a decade behind the kit.


Listen to Rostam's New Track "Gwam" and Pretend You're in a Whimsical Coming-of-Age Movie

It's the Vampire Weekend songwriter's first new material this year.