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How Long It Takes to Save for a Home, Depending on Where You Live

For a typical millennial to buy an average home in Canada, it’s 21 years in Toronto, six for a place in St. John's.


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Economists say what’s proposed in the federal budget isn’t going to cut it in the hottest markets.


Foreign buyers are not the biggest reason why home prices are increasing

New data shows that foreign ownership is below 5% in Toronto and Vancouver


2017 was the year of the condo in Canada's biggest cities

Condo prices in Toronto rose by 22% this year despite new housing rules


Toronto home prices drop six percent in May 2017

But prices still remain 15 percent higher than they were a year ago


The Vice Money Guide To Winning A Rental Bidding War

Landlords reign supreme in the rental markets of Toronto and Vancouver, so it’s on you to come prepared.