Vancouver real estate


Lil Tay’s Mom Got Busted Using Her Boss’ Car For Instagram Video

Angela Tian recently resigned from her real estate job.


It will be much harder to qualify for a mortgage come January 2018

But experts say the government’s latest round of mortgage rules are “unnecessary”


Canada second most popular destination for rich Chinese

Toronto, Vancouver property markets remain attractive options to Chinese investors


Toronto home prices drop six percent in May 2017

But prices still remain 15 percent higher than they were a year ago


The Vice Money Guide To Winning A Rental Bidding War

Landlords reign supreme in the rental markets of Toronto and Vancouver, so it’s on you to come prepared.


Vancouver housing market is not going to crash

Some real estate observers believe new rules for Chinese investors will cause the bubble to burst


Overpriced Real Estate Might Be the Only Thing Holding Up Canada’s Economy

In other news: young people in urban centres have given up on buying houses, consumer debt continues to rise, and West Coast homeless shelters are overcrowded with out-of-work Albertans.


Vancouver Rental Opportunity of the Week: Become an Unpaid Servant for a North Shore Grandma

It's a tough world out there for property owners in one of Metro Vancouver's most expensive suburbs. Why not give one a break by working seven days a week as a live-in caregiver, for free?