Hugo Gyrl's Queer Feminist Graffiti Keeps the Spirit of LGBTQ Rebellion Alive

"I'm not saying pride should be a riot every year. But these rainbow flag binches need to know that people before them fought for their comfort."
Taylor Hosking
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Ontario's Labour Minister’s Office Vandalized After Doug Ford Rolls Back Workers’ Rights

Windows were smashed, a fire extinguisher set off, furniture flipped and graffiti saying workers will “fight back” was left.
Mack Lamoureux
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Someone Put Trump's Hollywood Star Behind Bars

And locked him up.
Drew Schwartz
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Some Assholes Changed New York City to 'Jewtropolis' on Snapchat's Map

The anti-Semitic hack also showed up on apps like CitiBike and StreetEasy.
River Donaghey
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LA's New Naked Trump Statue Envisions the President as a Killer Clown

Activist art collective INDECLINE explains why its latest statue is based on serial killer John Wayne Gacy.
Drew Schwartz

Why the Walk of Fame Became a Hotbed of Vandalism and Rage

The city councilwoman fighting to axe Donald Trump's Hollywood tribute told us why this battle is about a lot more than a sidewalk.
Drew Schwartz
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Trump Fans Spent $1,000 Putting Dozens of Peel-Off Stars on the Walk of Fame

Because nothing infuriates the libs more than giant stickers.
Drew Schwartz
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Someone Plastered Confederate Flags and Cotton All Over American University

It's the second time this year racist symbols were found at the DC college.
Drew Schwartz

A Comedian’s ‘Free Speech’ Show Got Cancelled After He Mocked an Anti-Fascist Rally

The Comedy Bar owner said he cancelled after his locks were vandalized.
Manisha Krishnan
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Vandals Desecrated an Emmett Till Memorial in Mississippi

But that didn't stop a group of teens from going down there and repairing it themselves.
Drew Schwartz

Hate On the Rise

But Trump is not to blame, says B’nai Brith
Rachel Browne
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Cops Found Roughly 100 Damaged Gravestones at Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery

The vandalism comes a week after police made a similar discovery at a Jewish cemetery in Missouri and Jewish community centers around the country reported receiving bomb threats.
Lauren Messman