JUUL Is Making Buckets of Cash, But At Least the CEO Is 'Sorry'

A generation of kids who vape, a $38 billion valuation, and an apology.
Alex Norcia

What Flavor Juul Pod Is Sophie Turner's Favorite? An Investigation

Bend the knee to Sophie Turner, Juul Queen in the North.
Alex Zaragoza

How Australia's Ban on Nicotine Vape Spawned a Thriving Black Market

Vape juice that contains nicotine is supposedly illegal. But thanks to loopholes in legislation it's everywhere.
Sam Nichols
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This Vape Store Robbery Footage Is 2019’s Best Comedy Film

When you hear the term ‘vape store robbery,’ you can be assured we’re not dealing with high level crooks.
Mack Lamoureux
Australia Today

Sorry, but Your Nicotine-Free Vape Probably Contains Nicotine

Australian researchers tested tenn different "nicotine-free" vape liquids to find 60 percent of them contain nicotine.
Gavin Butler
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US Drug Agency: No, You Can't Sell Vape Juice Spiked with Viagra

The FDA busted an e-cig company after finding traces of prescription medications in its "healthcare flavors."
Drew Schwartz

Meet the Comedian Behind Instagram's Most Famous Voice-Overs

Aristotle Georgeson is creating a particular niche for himself—a space on the platform where he can simultaneously engage with and mock the digital realm we all occupy.
Alex Norcia
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This Mom Is Suing Juul Because Her Teen Is 'Unable to Stop' Vaping

The 15-year-old allegedly became "anxious, highly irritable, and prone to angry outbursts" after the e-cigs got him "heavily addicted to nicotine."
Drew Schwartz
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A Pilot Was Too Busy Vaping in the Cockpit to Actually Fly His Plane

Nothing like an e-cig to take the edge off of flying a 737.
Drew Schwartz
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E-Cig Factory Breaks into 'Mass Hysteria' After 30 Mysteriously Fall Ill

No one knows what caused it.
River Donaghey
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E-Cig Companies Are Giving Out College Scholarships for Essays on Vaping

In what looks like the latest ploy to market vapes to teens.
Drew Schwartz

I Followed Vape-Smuggling Teens to Find Out Why They’re So Obsessed with JUUL

The bougie cross-border trip made me question everything I know about teenage rebellion.
Laura Bell