An Ode To The Simple Joint, Still the Best Way to Get High

We are entering the Golden Age of Pot with dozens of ways to get high. And as much as we love vaporizers, poppers, and bongs that look like aliens, the joint remains the best way to consume marijuana.
Jordan Foisy

We Tried the Most Disgusting E-Cig Flavors So You Don't Have To

Cola e-liquid tastes like Windex, espresso is gamey, and the Doritos flavor should never be consumed by humans.
River Donaghey

T. Kid's Guide to Getting Rid of Weed at a Wedding

My friend got caught with marijuana at a wedding. Here's how he got rid of it.
T. Kid

T. Kid's Amazing Bongs

One perk of writing this column is getting free stuff from time to time. The best free items were the bongs that arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. As I placed my gorgeous new pipes on my shelf, I remembered some of the glass that came and went over...
T. Kid

Weediquette – The Serene Stonedness of Dabbing Errl

For those new to this idea, here’s the breakdown. Hash oil, affectionately known as “errl,” is THC extract derived from weed through a chemical process that I won’t get into (T. Kid no do chemistry). The oil is vaporized using a dabbing pipe, which...
T. Kid

Weediquette - Vaporizers Are for Grownups

My brother’s 33rd birthday came and went this week. Prior to it, when I asked him what he wanted as a present, he stated in a hushed tone, “A decent vaporizer would be nice."
T. Kid