The cost of summer music festivals

“My girlfriend and I spend $4000 - $5000 on the music fest circuit each summer.”


How Do We Stop Drug Deaths at Canadian Music Festivals?

More organizers and promoters want to offer drug testing kits on site, but fear having their operating licenses revoked.


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Clubscape: Joey Rootman

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Seventeen People Hospitalized Due to Drug and Alcohol-Related Incidents at Chasing Summer Festival

The annual festival in Calgary had several emergencies caused by a combination of alcohol and "at least one illicit drug."


The Owner of the Club Where the Deadly Drake Afterparty Shootings Occurred Has a Controversial Safety Record

Zlatko Starkovski has long been a loud critic of all-ages EDM shows citing safety concerns, yet his own club's history has been a lot more violent.


VELD Music Festival Announces Refunds After Extreme Weather Evacuation

There's always a rainbow after the rain.


NORTHMIX: Loud Luxury

VELD Music Festival is nearing its fourth annual edition and local Canadian talents are rolling up their sleeves in preparation.


VELD Music Festival Takes a Page From Digital Dreams’ Book, Introduces New Health and Safety Resources

Complimentary health and safety kits, amnesty boxes, and PSAs between DJ sets—it's a whole new VELD.


The Chainsmokers Fill Your “Waterbed” with Carbonated Electronic Pop

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Evolve Festival in Nova Scotia Almost Got Cancelled For Offering Free Drug Testing to Attendees

The festival’s insurance company were none too pleased, but the party goes on.