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A Young Arabic Photographer Shows What the Middle East Is Really Like

Bahraini Ali Al-Shebabi's photography calls bullshit on stereotypes of the Arab world.
Zineb Houssine
Military Service

People Told Us the Weirdest Ways They've Avoided Conscription

"I spent months gorging on as much fast food as possible. I added mayo to everything I ate, and even had it on its own as a snack between meals."
Badar Salem

The Moroccan Photographer Tackling Misogyny in the Arab World

Through her photography, Fatima Zohra Serri finds unique ways to express her views on the position of women in her community.
Zineb Houssine
syrian war

Syrians Explain Why Nightlife in Damascus is Thriving Despite the War

"When you've had to spend ten days locked inside due to rocket firing, you want to find somewhere you can get wasted."
Hala Mustafa

Joyous Photos Show There's More to Life in Gaza Than Conflict

Four Gaza-based photographers are capturing their favorite parts of the region to show a different side of the territory and its people.
Rowaida Amer
arranged marriage

Arab Women Talk About What They've Done to Avoid an Arranged Marriage

"He said he hated the smell of cigarettes, so I took up smoking."
Wesam Ragab
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Premieres Its First Cinema in 35 Years

The government has finally lifted its decades-long ban on women and men hanging around together in the name of lighthearted cinematic fun.
Nada Hagouz

Arab Women Tell Us Why They Don't Want to Become Mothers

"I don't want to have to choose between buying myself a dress or getting diapers for a baby"
Aya Abdelrahman

What It's Like to Go to University in a War Zone

"We've had to perform the absentee funeral prayer three times last year, in honour of killed classmates. It never seems to end."
Ahmed Abu Draa

Life as a Former ISIS Bride

After first being forced to marry ISIS fighters, many women in Mosul now aren't allowed to send their children to school.
Moustafa Saadoun
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Second Wife

"I don't think much about his first wife or her feelings. All I care about is being a good wife to my husband."
Alaa Osman

A Short History of the UAE Through a Collection of Groovy Photos

Ammar Al Attar's latest project examines the beginnings of the young country's photography scene.
Rana Dawood