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The Tiananmen Square Protests Weren't What Everyone Thought They Were

On the 30th anniversary of Beijing's pro-democracy protests, Patrick Zachmann's photos capture what happened before the Tanks arrived.


Drug Dealers Tell Us How to Spot a Sucker

We asked a few drug dealers how they decide which customers they're going to scam.


We Spent an Afternoon Learning the Art of Civil Disobedience

I learned how to get past a police cordon and how to tangle my legs together to avoid getting picked up.


“I Can’t Find the Words:” Photos of the Devastating Notre-Dame Fire

Last night, thousands gathered near the cathedral to sing and watch centuries of history burn. We heard from some of the Parisians there.


An Afternoon with the Tween Skaters of Central Paris

Photographer Seán McGirr captured the scene around the iconic skate ramp on Rue Leon Cladel.


The Festival That Celebrates the Arrival of Spring with Violence, Dirt and Booze

Every year, the people of the French village Cournonterral gather to mark the end of a 12th century battle by chasing each other around with barrels of dark wine.


Phone Photos from the Anti-Government Revolt in Algeria

The protests have successfully ousted the country's 82-year-old leader. Sort of.


A Night with the 'Shower Boys' of Paris

In the city's Marais district, naked male strippers take a shower in the middle of a bar.


Deafened by the War on ISIS

Thousands of Iraqis, collateral victims of the war on the terrorist group, have found themselves left with war deafness that goes untreated.


How Trans Sex Workers in Paris Are Coming Together to Stay Safe

A recent law change has led to a rise in the number of violent attacks on sex workers in France.


I Treat People Who Believe They've Been Abducted By Aliens

Nicholas Dumont is the go-to psychologist for people who are certain they've met aliens.


Finally, a Book About Nazi Soldiers Taking a Shit

Erik Kessels' new work is a collection of photos from WWII depicting German soldiers caught in a very vulnerable act.